Marking Time

By Libra

New way of working

Photo: rain and sunshine over Ben Lomond

Today I went to The Pier Arts centre on Orkney. OK I was not there physically but in the new virtual world of a webinar.
The occasion was the launch of New York born artist Ilana Halperin, book The Rock Cycle, a joint project between Scotland and Japan. Ilana is based between the island of Bute and Glasgow.
In the discussion that followed between artists and  scientists from the Yamaguchi University it was suggested in future that curators would have to find new ways of bringing artists and exhibitions together because of the global footprint of moving objects around the world.
" Think globally and act locally," suggested one artist.
Asked about the effect of the pandemic Professor Kazuhiro Tanaka, vice president at Yamaguchi University said it showed that :“ the world is one. There are no boundaries for Covid.”
How did I find it?  A webinar is  good place to discuss complex ideas and I found it  more interesting than a real life book launch because there were not the usual distractions of wine, nibbles and folk wanting to socialise delightful though that is .

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