By dogwithnobrain

You and Me, always and for ever

I text Tooli this morning and said ‘are you rowing?

She text back and told me no- she was on the train to.Bristol to meet the gals.

The gals being k&l, the twins - one now stays in Bristol and one in London; and Lala McFlipflop who has appeared in Blip before.

I remember Lala’s sixth birthday party.... she fell out of the soft play castle and fractured her arm...

Lala stayed about 200 yards away under the railway bridge; sleepovers, brownies, guides, volleyball ... and then the two of them went to Edinburgh for university.

The first year they each lived in their respective halls but then second year on they shared flats - first with K and L and then Cat and Linzz.

Lala, Tooli and Cat headed to Australia together and survived the 9 month farm working, earthquakes in Bali and New year at Sydney harbour...

They’ve been pals now for over 20 years!! Not without their arguments! But they’ve stayed mates

Now - lala lives in Bristol .. hence the get together with all of them today

They’ve had a lovely day and Tooli has
Made it back to Oxford..... tired and emotional (if she was appearing in Heat) and slightly worse for wear

Lovely to see them together again

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