By dogwithnobrain

Staring at the sky, and dragging my two feet

Being a parent is the best...

Of all the things we have done Si and I definitely got this right.

I think it’s because we treated them as humans all the time - we told them
What they needed to know; answered any questions they needed the answers to and talked about anything they wanted to talk
About ...

This however leads to some interesting conversations which other parents may or may not have ...

We had one such conversation last night which resulted in much laughing between Si and I here .... and led to Tooli posting this this morning

‘You know you’ve hit the jackpot with your parents when you tell them something... and this is how they respond. ..

I won’t tell the details of what she had done... but It was nothing worse than him or I did at her age and oh heavens she did make us giggle

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