By Shutterup

long tails

These are one of my favourite garden birds. They arrive with much chattering in groups of up to 15 at a time and pile onto the nut feeders.. there is needless to say never quite enough room for them all so this year I put a long branch out for them to perch on in the hope of getting a few photos.  Now they are so brave that they come and feed in ones and twos while we are sitting not three feet from the bird feeder. Wonderful to be so close to them.  This was taken through the window as it was so chilly outside.. 
A nice walk this afternoon with friends who usually live in France but are here for a few weeks before trying to go back again.. vaccinated.  They had both had covid early last year and she is suffering from long covid.. no antibodies when tested either.  She suffers exhaustion and shortness of breath and whilst she was feeling a little better recently the vaccine has exacerbated the symptoms.. it was lovely to see them and to end up at the pub having a cider... hurrah.. the first visit to a pub for over a year! It felt very safe and normal, what joy.

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