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I'm ...............

 .............. sure the birds are terrified (not)!!!!   
To be honest, tho', there wasn't a single bird in the field so ...........??
They even went to the trouble of drawing him a face - see insert bottom right.

Remembering our lovely admirer who first brought SillySaturday to blip. 

A day of having to go through choosing another set of kitchen units  (see Thursday's blip if you haven't already) ......... so many things to consider that have already been either bought or ordered.    
Anyway I managed to find something that would, more than likely, have been in my top five originally had I seen it - although probably nearer the bottom of the list.   The work/counter tops have also to be changed and my choice is more expensive than the original but the nice man at the kitchen company says they will absorb that cost as it's them that have had to change things!!   Result!

Himself doesn't like the new choices but then he didn't like the other ones either - lol - neither does he much like the tiles or the fact that I am having them placed ''long side up" rather than horizontally.

He DOES like the handles I have chosen for both the units and the main room doors (yay) - that being said, the six room doors are going to have to be re-selected following that debacle.  He also likes the fact that we are having downlights in the kitchen rather than the fluorescent ones we have currently - neither of us like those!

Looks like we're back on track for 17 May work commencement - better make sure I am fully stocked up with tea/coffee and various biscuits for the workmen - I usually make bacon, egg or sausage sandwiches for 'elevenses' for anyone working in the house for more than a day but I won't have a cooker for a couple of weeks so biscuits it has to be.
I'm looking forward to the totally new kitchen but not the upheaval.

Smile for the Day  (an oldie but goodie):

Why was the scarecrow so effective?
Because he was outstanding in his field!

Boom boom.


~ Anni ~

Uploaded a day late.

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