By Diarised

Hair Day

I am a bit behind with journals so will be catching up on your blips soon.

I had booked to have Friday off for a haircut and a relax and catch up with all sorts as work has been rather busy, but ended up just having a haircut first thing and then heading straight back in because we didn’t have enough people in. 

Leo’s goalie training took place in torrential rain and hail - good on him for getting stuck in whilst I watched from the comfort of the car.

At least now my hair is cut back so short, the rain doesn’t cause such chaos if I get soaked. It is all dry and tidy again within an instant -perfect for walking and touchline duties!  I had switched to a new hairdressers and she was lovely so think that can be my new regular place.  It is funny how guilty you feel when switching though. As I headed past my old hairdressers with newly shorn hair, I quickened my pace and zoomed past!

I will now catch up with all your blips over the weekend and hope for a less crazy time next week,

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