By Diarised


I bought Ian a chocolate bouquet to celebrate him signing on the dotted line for his new job.  He starts on 10th May so has just about a week to make the most of his between jobs freedom before it will be time to knuckle down again.

He had been wanting to try an orange Twirl for a while so I managed to find one with that included,

Leo was celebrating too - with a 12-1 at footie.  Needless to say he didn’t have too much to do given that score line.  He did enjoy a thumping punched corner clearance and faced a penalty which the other side missed.  He has a pretty good penalty record but that is mainly through misses! He wasn’t too impressed that he didn’t get a clean sheet.  That was an own goal deflected off our defender’s heel that left him stranded in the last minute!

Then he and his mates celebrated with a trip to the funfair in the evening. Don’t go on any twirly rides I pleaded as he left. Whenever he did that as a kid he would throw up.  He said he’d be fine and last time that happened was because he’d had milkshakes and ice cream.  Then we got a call in the evening from one of the footie dads to say Leo’s phone was dead but could we go and get him as he had been sick at the fairground!

At least he should learn now!  So Ian headed off with sick bags to pick Leo and another green looking mate up and take them home!  The dads were joking that this might not be the last time we get ‘rescue’ calls for sick boys - and I am sure in a few years he will be right when they graduate from fairground rides to booze!

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