By JanetMayes

Project 365 day 123: eggs for breakfast

Today began well, with some early sun and fresh eggs for breakfast, a gift from our neighbours' hens. They are always delicious, so I try to reserve them for boiling or scrambling to enjoy their flavour. P's replacement bread maker arrived yesterday too, so we had freshly baked bread to eat with them. I think it's at least our sixth bread maker: we have been baking our own bread since the eighties, and their life expectancy in regular use seems to be about five years. P does occasionally bake bread by hand, as he did on Saturday after the previous machine failed: he used the ingredients which he tipped back out of the defunct bread maker, and the flavour and crust were excellent. However, the ease of putting everything in the pan, setting the timer and going to bed means that we can eat home made bread all the time; this would not happen if we were making it all by hand. 

The rest of the day has been modestly productive, with laundry, floor washing and mending, but the light was grey and flat and it has become increasingly windy, so I wasn't tempted to spend time outside with the camera. I enjoyed the last meeting of our online poetry reading group, with lots of reminiscing about our favourite poems from childhood. We found a lot of common ground in our memories and choices, and acknowledged the importance of libraries and librarians in supporting children's reading and discoveries; I remembered my five-year-old delight the first time I was taken to the local library and found a whole shelf of Little Grey Rabbit books that I could borrow one by one, and was reminded of Roald Dahl's Matilda and of Jeanette Winterson's moving accounts of the importance of her local library to her in Oranges are not the only Fruit and in her memoir Why be happy when you could be normal? 

It's very wild and windy outside now, with lots of bumps and flickering lights. I wish I'd moved all the young plants I've been hardening off back into the greenhouse for tonight. 

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