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 ............ Monday380  (MM380)  -  with thanks to Laurie54 for the optional challenge of "Cheap Shot"  ...............

These are definitely '' cheap shot (glasses) '' as they were given to me (free) by a very nice barman on my travels a few years ago.

Smile for the Day:

A man walks into a bar, sits down and hears a small voice say, “You look nice today.” 
A few minutes later he hears a different small voice, “That’s a nice shirt.” 
The man asks the bartender, “Who is that?” 
The bartender says, “Those are the peanuts. They’re complimentary!”


~ Anni ~

Uploaded a day late due to having my second covid shot yesterday - yay - followed by a lunch of fish and chips in the car on the way home - yum - and then a lazy afternoon watching the snooker and various other stuff!

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