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Not ...........

 ........... the best photo - too dark, taken through glass and he was right at the bottom of the garden but I was very impressed with how much bread he was stuffing in his beak!!  
There were two of them again - am sure they are a pair and they visit often - I feel obliged to keep them in food in case they are feeding young!!

Still too dark but lots of bread .....

I also watched a number of starlings who have noisily discovered the coconut shells filled with peanut butter  -  has anyone else noticed that, when they strut around, they look like old farmers in too-tight underwear????

Smile for the Day:

On the beach yesterday I saw a researcher blowing clouds of pot smoke on shore birds to study the effects of marijuana on their flying. 
He was very thorough, making sure he dosed every single one he saw.
It was his intention to leave no tern unstoned.


~ Anni ~

Uploaded a day late (again)

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