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A ..........

 ........... pleasant pastoral scene - complete with cows.  
(shame about the modern technology aerial mast thingy!!)

This is the village of Walton on the Wolds in rural Leicestershire  -  taken with my point & shoot, through the car windscreen, from a layby a long way away.   Ten minutes later it started to sleet!  (In May???)

I drove a 180 mile round trip (to Hinckley) to look at some solid oak doors today after the debacle with the supposedly walnut ones that were collected by the very nice Dan the Man yesterday - a full refund is in the pipeline as I type.
It was not a wasted journey and I have come home with a bag of different coloured wood oils and two types of finishing wax (one satin, one matt) and a block of American white oak to see what colour I want them doing before delivery.

The only downside is that I have to wait until June 27 for the doors, another two weeks-ish for them to be oiled and waxed and probably a week for them to be delivered.  It's looking like mid-July  -  still, I can't have my flooring until July 8 so when the kitchen is all fitted and done on May 28 I will have another six weeks, at least, until it's completely complete.   Never mind - at least it's moving along.  

That was my day - and a very pleasant one too.

Smile for the Day:

A wolf arrives in a village with three very familiar little houses.
" Shalom " says the wolf .....
" Phew "  say the three little pigs.


~ Anni ~

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