By Upoffmebum


Unlike the weather, which has been cool in the mornings but usually sunny in the afternoons, we’re finding that the quality of Tasmanian Airbnb digs is a little more unpredictable and variable.
Some have been excellent, just as described on the label; while others, relying more on spin than substance, not so much.
Big travel day today, from an Airbnb in the centre of Hobart - plenty of location substance, just about everything else spin - to Strahan on the mid-west coast.
While not a particularly long drive distance-wise, I’d been given a heads-up before about this trip being a bit on the arduous side.
That turned out to be not so much an accurate statement as an understatement. Most of the terrain ranged from quite hilly to mountainous; the road from barely OK to goat-track; but the tight bends - uphill and down - and skinny, winding roads were unrelenting, slashing the overall average speed down to that obtained driving in suburbia.
I’d like to report that the trying road conditions were at least partly compensated for by the top-class espresso coffee and healthy snacks available en route. I certainly could report that, but unfortunately it would be a barefaced lie.
So after all that time on the road, and all those hard-trip travails along the way, expectations about the Airbnb awaiting us in Strahan were a little subdued.
So a lovely surprise when it turned out to be a modern, spacious, full-sized house set in the hills above the town, with huge windows providing expansive views of both fishing-village Strahan itself as well as the recently-remediated Macquarie Harbour on the edge of which it sits.
Today’s photo shows part of our deck, looking across the harbour to the town on the other side. The deck extends around two other sides of the house, ‘though understandably at a far less generous width, and includes an outdoor dining setting and fully operational - we’ve checked! - barbecue.
So this Airbnb, home for 3 nights, is definitely on the Win side of the ledger.
Now if only all that touching wood pays off and the weather holds, it will very nicely cap off what’s been a very lucky Tasmanian sojourn.

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