By Upoffmebum

Yellow cap

Several posts by many fellow Blippers have inspired me to seek out pix with a lot of black/white/grey tones forming the vast majority of the frame, all then highly contrasted with a small blob of bright colour.
In essence, such a scene is really not that hard to find - you simply switch to the dull-tones-with-bright-colour filter in your photographer's eye, and then peer intensely around your environment for any tableaux that meet your selected criteria.
Easy - but only if that's the sole type of photo opportunity you're seeking at the time.
It's a sad fact of life that most Blippers are forever trying to look at the world they're inhabiting through an ever-increasing number of different (and sometimes conflicting) filters at the same time - eg, Street Photography filter, Macro Flower filter, Travelling Through Tasmania filter, or the top-of-the-list What Might Look Good on Blipfoto filter. 
The more Blipfotos you look at, the more photography Websites you scroll through, and - in that small handful of extremely sad enthusiast-photographer cases - the more thin, overpriced photography magazines you're silly enough to browse through, the more diverse and numerous are the filters through which you can try to see your world. 
The list always seems to be expanding at somewhere near the speed of light.
Travelling along the road back from Macquarie Heads, I came across this fellow trying his luck fishing on a small, jerry-built pier. The grey-toned water and background mountains and sky are all bog-standard Tasmanian cloudy late afternoon autumn. But by squinting my eyes a little, and holding my mouth just right, I happened to notice the little blob of yellow in the man's beanie/cap, thus triggering that blob-of-bright-colour filter lurking on the back-burner of my Blipper mind.
And voila - there it is. Its contrasts are nowhere near as extreme as those seen in photos where the dull background colours are provided courtesy of fully bleak overcast skies and/or driving snow.
But nevertheless I suspect most viewers' eyes, like mine at the moment of shooting, are first drawn to that tiny blob of yellow, brightened up by the late afternoon sun and standing out in stark contrast to the dull grey-tones background.
Sometime soon - and certainly before the end of the month - I'm going to  try my hand at what appears to be the very dark arts of special effects filters built in to many modern digital cameras.
All Blippers have been duly warned.

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