By spannarama

Sleepy gosling

Busy day preparing for my new colleague to start tomorrow - so many inductions to organise, and work to line up for him.  A nicely different day though.

I stopped after 6pm and went for a quick walk to the heath - and the pond, of course.  Saw a single goose with a single gosling - no idea where the other parent or the other babies were.  The gosling was very sleepy, and kept trying to get underneath its parent's bottom, but the goose wasn't having any of it - kept standing up and stepping away each time.  Bit odd.  Hope all is well.  They were sticking close together though, and mum/dad was looking very watchful.

Tim and I both got invitations for our second Covid jabs today - all booked for 15th May.  

News from my brother tonight that my nephew's girlfriend is due to be induced tomorrow, so not long before I'll be an old hag a great aunt!

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