By spannarama

New babies on every trip!

Today it was goslings - a lovely surprise as I was looking (and failing) to get a decent shot of the moorhen chicks.  Then up rocked mummy and daddy goose and six fluffy goslings.  Tim came with me today - he had planned to go for a bike ride this morning but was feeling too tired (and bank holiday-y), so came for a walk with me instead.

We fixed another chair this morning, and then two more this afternoon - so that's all of them done.  Also cleaned the bird feeder, replaced the water filter, and fed and watered all the plants.  A useful day.  Fit in a fair bit of PS4, too, and some photo uploading.  Tim's laptop went back for repair today (a loose track pad - which went wrong on about day 31, so Curry's refuse to give a refund).

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