By spannarama

Chair repair

Our dining room chairs have been becoming increasingly creaky over the past year, with wayyy more use than they've ever had before - not because we're doing lots of dining, but because they've doubled up as our office chairs, and the dining table as our desk.  Tim went out early this morning to pick up another couple of sash clamps from Screwfix, and we sorted out the first of them.  I say we; I'm just the able assistant - thankfully, Tim has a fair bit of woodworking experience.  He took the legs apart and applied a decent amount of glue (unlike the original makers, who appear to have used as little as possible), and then we clamped them for a few hours.  As good as new now!

It was a surprisingly quick job, so we carried on and did a few other things too - I did a few little sewing jobs I've been meaning to do for ages (stitched the lining back in in our curtains, as it had dropped, replaced a button, did a bodge job on fixing a snag/hole in the blanket my sister-in-law crocheted for me).

Had a pretty relaxed afternoon after all that, and listened to a radio play this evening while Tim watched the Grand Prix.

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