By spannarama

More moorhen chicks!

We were going to fix our creaky chairs today, but realised we needed more sash clamps than we have already, so Tim got those ordered and we got everything else ready to do it tomorrow.  Tidied up the hall too, where various deliveries had been piling up over the past week (including a box of 12 bottles of wine which arrived today - a free gift from Virgin after we opened a new joint account with them recently).

This afternoon I went and posted a letter at the post office for Tim, then carried on for a walk via all the (four) different ponds around the heath.  I saw the baby moorhens at the Hare and Billet pond again, and got a couple of photos - but then was delighted to spot a couple of moorhen chicks at the 'main' pond as well - back nearer home.  They were waiting on a ramp each, and the parents were diligently coming and going with food for them.  They look ever so new!

Lovely surprise today having my photo from last summer ( featured on the blip community blog. Thanks Blip! :)

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