Who Sneezed?

We decided with the easing of lockdown that our celebration tree should be switched off. The lights had been on since December 1, 2020.

The decorations for Easter were removed and I discovered the rabbits lying in a heap.

I had this vision of the rabbits completing a pyramid and one had sneezed causing a collapse.

I can confirm that real rabbits can sneeze.

Also the rabbits in today’s Blipfoto are stored in a long tube, in head to butt fashion. Hence the image.

The weather is slowly improving and I had planned to take the lawnmower for a walk. However, my right arm quickly reminded me that this was not a good idea.

We had planned to post a couple of parcels today to the Czech Republic celebrating the birth of Oliver. Our Czech granddaughter, Petra, had just given birth.

She described the experience of birth as "amazing". This is very helpful for her future career as she is training to be a Midwife.

Posting a parcel to the Czech Republic is now an extremely complicated and expensive business, thanks to Brexit.

However, the Strawberry Shack has opened and we bought some punnets of fresh picked strawberries. These are the ones that are grown in the Polytunnels just opposite us.


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