Close to the Edge

Voting tomorrow then. I'm not sure the local candidates are trying very hard as I've only had one pamphlet through the door. It's from the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. I suspect their acronym is TROTS but I may be being unfair. It doesn't seem to matter much how I vote, the tory always seems to get in here.

It's been a day of housework and sorting out stuff but I went out to the pines at Little Haldon and noticed a different way in. Instead of fighting my way through the gorse and heather I followed a ?tractor track and it made much easier walking. I don't think I'm supposed to be in there though and that was confirmed when I got to the other end where there's a large padlocked gate. I did find a way round it though.

A little way along there's a line of fence posts with the barbed wire long rusted away. I decided to use it as foreground interest and got very close to it with my wide angle lens. It's Wide Wednesday (hosted by BobsBlips - thank you, Bob) and this weeks theme is 'Close'. The pine trees look quite distant with the wide lens but this post with its lovely lichen is very close, almost touching the front of the lens. I think that meets the criteria OK. The colours are quite nice and a great sky. Lovely!

I hope you'll look at the large version for the full dose of tangly heather and lichen texture.

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