Heres the other one I tweaked

'Marilyn' for obvious reasons, well to me anyway. Candida's sister.

I was sat in the house while the men were working, looked across & spotted this white spirit can ... I could see a face. I actually saw 2 faces in the can so snapped away then fartnarkled in Picasa. I have'nt added any markings, they were already there,  just tweaked the colours. I wanted to hang them on the wall but as we were living in the tropics I did'nt think paper was suitable, I then had the idea to have them printed onto vinyl. There was a commercial print shop in Khanom so I took the images there and explained what I would like in my dodgy Thai language. I was chuffed to bits with the result. I made a couple of frames and stretched them over. They made it back to England when we left and had been rolled up. I'm planning on hanging them in the garden just have'nt decided where.
 A couple of hours on the allotment early this morning. I made a sweet pea wigwam, popped in the plants. Checked the last few trays of herbaceous plants, the Jap anemones still need to make some growth, but the Chiastophyllum oppositifolium - Gold Drop, were so that made another tray of 15 plants for the sale.
Bobby robin following me around as I worked, a quick peep in through the slats of the shed door ... no sitter :-(  but I'm sure there's a nest somewhere as there is lots of activity.

Had myself a very satisfactory visit to 'Brainwave' charity shop. M&S jeans (look brand new) £3.50, belt £1, & a pair of shorts for working on the allotment £1.50. Kerching!! Money from the P.O for Mum, a birthday card for Norah, 4 years old on Saturday, Mum's great granddaughter. Soap & talc 'Cusson's Imperial Leather ' , I remember we had this soap when I was a child, from the chemists. Shopping list completed. Popped in the polling station to vote then dropped Mum's bits down, stopped for a coffee accompanied by a couple of mince tarts I made with the pastry orts after making the pies last evening. Very tasty with a dollop of Rodda's clotted cream. Then we spent an hour, or was it 2??? working on the 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. We're getting there slowly. LOL!!

Early blip today. I'm off to prep dinner before watching The Chase with my glass of cider. :-D

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday

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