By Kipsie

I'm sure one of these bags has a flower

printed on it. A promise of things to come :-) Well, I've already used the compost, these 12 are now full of well rotted horse manure, & in the boot of my car. I did put two bags in the front passenger foot well to balance the load a bit. :-D I found some really good dark well rotted manure this morning after digging through the fresh. I still have a supply of empty bags in the boot of the car, so will fill them when passing rather than make a special journey. The stables are only 5 minutes away.
I stopped off in Chudleigh on the way to the plot, picked up a paper. I gave the assistants in Spar some runner beans last year so we had a bit of banter about the overnight frost, & the possibility of damaging this years bean crop. No chance of that happening I have'nt sown the seed yet.
7.30am. Up on the plot first, so had to open the new padlock which is quite awkward to use, then unload the poo. Next job feed the birds. This morning I sowed parsnip, & salad bowl lettuce, in the beds,  Patty Pan squash under a cloche. I sowed flower seed -  pot marigold, nasturtium, phacelia, echium 'Blue bedder', plus some very pretty large blousy poppies, all of which I harvested last year,  in a narrow piece the length of the fruit beds. Every little helps to encourage the wildlife. No activity around the shed where the nest has been made so I pooked my nose inside. 2 eggs but no sitter  :-( Shortly afterwards I spotted the adult robin feeding 2 fledglings on the shed roof where I'd earlier scattered some breadcrumbs, suet pellets & Summer bird seed mix. I tied some of the structure (2 lengths of plastic curtain track)  in place to support the netting on the blueberry bushes. I'm trying to think ahead so that I'm ready. A beautiful morning up on the plot, not a cloud in the sky, so a clear view across to Hay Tor and the surrounding moorland. Tom,  a plot neighbour was walkabout trying to find a home for 2 Brussell sprout plants. Allan was walkabout picking dandelions for his rabbits,  coming together on my plot, we had a chat about the weather, the season, etc. ,as you do. I relieved Tom of the brassica plants. I have the perfect spot for them.  A lovely community sharing an interest, there to offer advice, freebies, swaps. Love it! I got home about 1.45 Lunch
This afternoon I clipped the hedge on the edge of the property then weeded & cleaned up along the pavement edge. Just finished before the school run started. Weeded the front herbaceous border then mowed the grass. Watered the plants & trays of seed in the greenhouse, then checked the water butts were all set up to catch any rainfall. The forecast for tomorrow is'nt great unless you like rain. I don't mind the rain. Might think differently tomorrow when I'm out walking Mum's dog of course.

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