By Kipsie

You wont be flying anywhere

for the next couple of days at least, even then your options will be limited ... Brunei, Iceland, or Egypt  sound tempting?
We transited through Brunei on our way to Borneo, Brunei would'nt be at the top of my list for revisiting, whereas Iceland IS at the top of my 'Bucket List', & has been there for many years .... one of these days.

It a horrid day, drizzly mizzle. I'm so pleased I got all my gardening jobs done yesterday, this rainfall will do the ground a power of good. After walking Indie this morning Mum & I spent some more time on the jigsaw puzzle. It's beginning to take shape. We had an early lunch together before I headed off to Buckfast Abbey to meet up with two friends. Takeaway only from their restaurant, we sat in the semi covered area for a catch up. A few other folks had the same idea but we managed to nab a table under the canopy. The drizzle drifting across did'nt help but we had a catch up over a hot drink. The A38 was fairly busy heading north as I headed south, vice versa on my return. Visibility yuck. I was happy to go along at 60mph, as everybody whizzed past me. I don't want to go any faster ... Is that an age thing??? Am I getting old???

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