By Irish59

Octopus’s Garden

The flower bed near our front door is most beautiful in the spring as it’s mostly dedicated to jonquils, hyacinths and creeping phlox. With the recent rain and today’s sunshine, everything flora is bursting forth • While coffee brewed I fed the cats and after a quick face wash Newt asked to go outside. I advised her to keep away from ticks and to leave the birds alone as she stepped out and away from the door. I couldn’t help but notice all of the sparkly rain drops clinging to every blade of grass and hyacinth leave. This flower bed is shaded until late morning so I knew if I delayed taking a photo the drips would vanish • Each hyacinth reminded me of a mini octopus with leaves like tentacles, each one equipped with mini suction cups, or perhaps they were droplets from the sea born from its secret underground garden... • Thank you, Ingeborg, for hosting Abstract Thursday this week :)

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