By MarilynParker

Geocaching trip

The weather was fine for most of the trip although there was a bitter wind. However, near the end it turned to rain and then to torrential rain. Finally it turned to hailstones then back to torrential rain!
We were soaked to the skin and the worst thing was that I couldn't get my car key to work and was not able to get in my car so had to use it manually but got very wet trying to make it work. Once I was in my car the alarm went off and hadn't a clue how to stop it plus I couldn't work out how to open the back doors or boot! I couldn't imagine driving home in wellies either. I tried the ignition and this shut the alarm off phew.  Margaret pressed the button near to the electric windows buttons which unlocked the back doors and boot - having never used that button it never crossed my mind, doh!
What a fiasco and what terrible weather for May!
Interesting drive home with flooding on some of the major roads.
Extra photo is of a Frog Band and I managed to capture the three of us in the photo.

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