Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


From the moment I woke until now, today has been non-stop!

I ran the hoover through the flat as soon as I got out of bed. "Best get that out of the way," I thought to myself. I then got ready for a 10:20 appointment with a new endocrinologist at the clinic I was at yesterday.

As soon as I finished with him, I walked over to see the next specialist - an orthopaedist. He recommended getting an x-ray and ultrasound of my palm. Incredibly, I got the necessary approvals from the insurance company to have them done right away, so by the time I finally left (at 1:15), I had seen two doctors, had two "scans", saw the orthopaedic doctor again and got some tablets. He also recommended five physiotherapy sessions, so I hope my insurance company authorise that.

It was great to have things move so fast but it made us late for a lunch appointment which was on the other side of town in Festival City. We met with Petra for a working lunch. She wanted to talk about the plan for AWANA next year, which isn't looking promising with two out of three leaders wanting a break.

We got home in time for a cup of tea and chat with fellow blipper tigg before leading the AWANA session. The kids were good and gave G a thumbs up for the songs and lesson she chose. That ran over by ten minutes and we were straight into T@3 which is always fun. It was good to have dinner and chill in front of the TV after all that. And so the weekend begins...

My blip is of the ultrasound machine which I  thought is beautifully laid out. I had not expected to stay so long at the clinic so didn't take my camera when I left home in the morning. It just reinforces the advice - never leave home without your camera!

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