By Rosemarie55

Daisy with Red Spot!

8°C  -  15 mph SSW Wind Speed  -  19 mph Gusts  -  Cloudy  -  Sunny with Rainy Showers!  I blipped a similar Daisy last year  -  see HERE!  -  and went searching for it today. There is some folklore related to the red spot, but unfortunately I didn't keep my link to it  -  maybe one of you knows it? It's something biblical if I recall rightly! There is a nice link to the Daisy as a herb  -  see HERE!  I had only one such Daisy last year, and only one has appeared this year.  I don't know it it's the same plant, but it deserves a blip for sure:)  Have a nice day  -  here we've had sunny spells, rain, hail, and snow so far today  -  how crazy is that?☺ Oh, I've found the link now  -  Lore has it  that Daisies with a bit of red in their centre represented a drop of Jesus’s blood when he was dying on the cross.  See HERE for more!

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