Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Over The Rape

Year 2 Day 44 of UK COVID-19 Pandemic.  First UK Vaccine 150 days ago. England & Wales opening up.

A sunny day much like yesterday, most of the time spent replacing some slats to a cast iron bench we've had about a quarter of a century. After rubbing down and repainting, it's good for a few more years!

A well connected person informs us that there will be another lockdown around August time to do with the Indian Variant of COVID-19. We re-arranged a flight for the end of August so not what we want to hear. Let's hope the informant is wrong!

Todays blip is when I popped out to get some items for tommorow. It's of Goodrich Castle in our village across a field of rape infront.

The oldest son James and girlfriend Emily are calling in tomorrow to watch Cardiff City's last match of the season. Heavy rain is forecast, but if it's okay Mrs BB and Emily may well go for a walk and escape the game! From what I understand a good part of next season may be viewed from home! Grrr!

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