The Calm Before The Storm

Actually - it wasn’t very calm. The wind was blowing pretty hard. But I got out before the rain started. It’s a Bank Holiday so of course it was going to rain!

This is one of my favourite local walks, though I don’t go often enough. I did my normal loop round the fields and through the woods and was actually surprised to see a bluebell carpet in a few areas.

I ended up at my favourite place for a picnic and this time I took the time to make one to bring with! I sat on my log (bottom left) and had my sandwich and coffee and cake. The view from ‘my’ log is the bottom right picture.

I was so glad I wore my warmest coat and hat and scarf and gloves! That wind was biting! I’ve done many winter picnics and I don’t think I’ve ever been as cold on a picnic as I was today! This is MAY! It’s supposed to be warm!

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