Poirot Snook

I put my little grey cells to good use to try and solve a Murder mystery, devised by one of the local library teams around here. I enjoyed it. And am delighted to say I was able to pick out the murderer!

I had a nice day off. We had breakfast out with Mum and Dad at the local farm shop and then Ian and I headed into Exeter for some shopping. Ian got all the clobber he needed.  I had a weird experience in a shoe shop when I tried on a pair but couldn’t take them with me for Covid reasons. They ordered a pair to be sent to me instead. You’d think they would want me to have the pair I had handled?  Ian managed to try on and come away with two pairs from a different shop!

Then In the evening, Leo asked to go to the fair again!!!!  No twirly rides, I implored. And this time he listened and stuck to the bumper cars so no disaster to report this time.

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