Which app?

I had been testing out a few photo effects apps and had to decide which one to keep.  I decided on Prisma as it needs very little fiddling with.  The others were just a little bit too complicated for me.

It has been a wet and windy day but at least the worst of the rain didn’t arrive until after the football finished. It was an 8-0 win for the lads so another happy day for them. Leo was a lot busier this time, even though the opposition failed to score, so didn’t get cold just hanging out in the goal this time.

Ian had yet more equipment arrive ready for his new job on Monday so is getting himself all set up.  Just one last day of freedom for him now.

He had a nice surprise in the post as my sister sent him a huge bar of chocolate to celebrate his new job and his birthday next week (extra).

I also received a picture of my feet! (Extra) I stood on a gadget yesterday when I went in to get new shoes and this appeared in my inbox today.  I was not surprised to learn I have wide feet and need a size 5 - that is what I went in asking for! The measurements show why I always look for roomy shoes since I manage to have both wide and high feet. No dainty Cinderella feet for me - definitely ugly sister style.

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