By TrishaR

Scottish Election Day

Awake at 530 - arrived Luncarty (6 miles north from Perth up the A9). Set up the boxes with the secure tabs and all set for 7 when the polls open. It was good to be part of the whole process and to see how silly folks are when they go on about vote tampering. There is no way to get into the boxes once the vote is in!

It was busy - we did have dogs coming in till one Westie arrived and did diarrhoea in front of the table of two of my colleagues, Irma and Wendy. Oh boke and it stunk!! Of course the lady trotted out the usual story ‘he’s never done this before’. Aye right :). After this Phil on the door decided no more dogs coming in.....

It was a long day but we had plenty food and managed to put my head out the door a few times for fresh air. John Swinney Is the mSP for North Perthshire and he was re elected.

Left the polling station around 1015. Yes I would do it again.

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