By Barking

A real brain!

When I went to photograph this very interesting and genuine man (a scientist who has dedicated his life to Parkinson's treatment), I asked if he had a brain I could use as a prop. When he disappeared into his office, I was expecting him to return with a plastic brain. He did not. That is a real, preserved brain to the left of this shot.

I spent an enjoyable two hours working with him and learning about what he does. He's a very nice man.

Then home to get ready for Obedience class. I was shadowing a trainer with the beginners' class and then MrB dropped Abe down for his class. He was amazing. The trainer said he was the best she'd ever seen him; very calm, attentive and, well, obedient. Good job Abe. 

Then SR popped round for a cup of tea while MrB and Little Miss were at basketball. Little Miss' team won today.


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