Meet: T. Tiger and the Pink Ladies

It is getting to be that time of year to look for orchids in the woods, and so on this day, T. Tiger and I did just that! We found a bunch of lady's slippers (Cypripedium acaule), or moccasin flower, growing between the path and one of our favorite vernal pools (the one where the newts walked on water that day).

Many of the blooms are still pale green, with their heads nodding downward. But a few of them have turned pink and started to lift their faces up. I even spotted one lady's slipper with a seed pod attached, which is a rare thing to see.

We found a whole group of four pink ladies, and T. Tiger immediately made friends with them. They clustered all around him, and I snapped their photo together, just like this. The scene reminded me of a musician with back-up singers.

So say hello to the new musical group: T. Tiger and the Pink Ladies!

Now, the song to go with this has to have at least one AMAZING female back-up singer, so here are the Rolling Stones, with Gimme Shelter. (Hello, Lisa Fischer!)

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