In Which I Become One with the Rain

Greetings from the wet woods from the girl with a pink umbrella!

And then it rained and rained and rained. And when it was done with that, it rained some more. Our world was drenched, and damp, but that did not keep me from my walk in the Scotia Barrens, oh no!

I stuffed my camera in my daysack to keep it dry, turned on my tunes, extra-loud, grabbed my umbrella, and hoofed it on up to the Barrens, where conditions were well beyond wet. I saw only one person out, and it was somebody actually crazier than me: a jogger passed me on the path and disappeared into the rain.

I had my Danner Gore-Tex boots on and they usually keep me dry, but not THIS time, for the boots are not so tall and I went in too deep. Water went in over my laces and I got a drenched right foot. Yikes!

When I got home later, with my pants soaked almost all the way up to my waist, I realized the left foot was wet too. So know this: this is the time for the big boots, if you are going walking in the very wet woods!

I own a pair of swim flippers and a scuba mask, and I think it would have been hilarious to get a shot of me wearing those in these watery woods. But alas, I did not think to pack them. And who would have taken my picture? The jogger? I think not.

There was one unexpected repercussion of my puddle jumping, however. Saturday evening, a muscle spasm took over my lower left posterior and made me grimace. So I sprained my butt cheek? I guess I should have stretched before puddle jumping, but who knows these things in advance?

My husband, always a true gentleman, never declines to render aid to a lady in distress. And so it was that Saturday evening's activities included a special request that he massage the affected area until it stopped twitching.

Let me point out that this is NOT the worst way I've ever spent a Saturday night. And hmm, in retrospect, I might just have to do some more puddle jumping tomorrow to see if I can sprain the other cheek. (Isn't that in scripture somewhere? Something about smiting, and then something about turning the other cheek?)

My friend Karl and I are writing an album of bad country songs ("The Worst of Country Collection") to chronicle my life and its recent trials and tribulations and triumphs. Yes, I know, it's high time! And we should have gotten to it sooner. But I've been out puddle jumping, so I've been just a tad busy.

We've already got a tune going about that Facebook friend request the other day that's pretty bad. I think a song about a sprained butt cheek will liven up the album. Maybe I can phone Dolly and get HER to write a million-seller for us! Wait a minute, I'll get her on the line. . . .

We need a tune for this puddle jumping, wet-foot, wet-pants, pink-umbrella, drippy-rainy-woods story. This is an absolute favorite, and I am happy to become one with the rain so I can celebrate it: the Who, with Love Reign O'er Me.

Only love can make it rain
The way the beach is kissed by the sea
Only love can make it rain
Like the sweat of lovers layin' in the fields
Love, reign o'er me
Love, reign o'er me
Rain on me, rain on me

Only love can bring the rain
That makes you yearn to the sky
Only love can bring the rain
That falls like tears from on high

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