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Whisper's ..........

 ............. new morning milk bowl.    
The boy loves his milk but it has to be full fat, semi-skimmed or skimmed just doesn't do it for him!!  

With the coming of the revamped kitchen I have been buying new bits and pieces for a couple of months (also bought today was a new doormat for inside the kitchen door - a more complementary colour than the existing one!).

I saw this bowl and had to have it - it's about 5" (12.5cms) diameter and the perfect size for milk.  It was strangely cheap for such good quality - maybe wrongly priced on the shelf???? 
Neither the bowl nor the mat (or anything else I've bought new) will be used until the units are in.   A bit of a blow that I have to wait until early July for the flooring and mid-July for the doors though - I doubt I will be able to wait that long for "new using" - lol - too impatient.  

Smile for the Day:

Two friends were out for a Saturday stroll. One had a doberman and the other had a chihuahua. As they sauntered down the street, the man with doberman said to his friend, "Let's go over to that bar and get something to drink."

The man with the chihuahua said, "We can't go in there. We've got dogs with us."
The one with the doberman said, "Just follow my lead." 

They walked over to the bar and the man with the doberman puts on a pair of dark glasses and starts to walk in.

The bouncer at the door said, "Sorry, buddy, no pets allowed." The man with the doberman said, "You don't understand. This is my seeing-eye dog." 

The bouncer asks, "A doberman pinscher?" 
The man replied, "Yes, they're using them now. They're very good."   
"Ok" said the bouncer "Come on in."

His friend with the chihuahua figured what the hell, so he put on a pair of dark glasses and started to walk in.  He knew his dog would be more unbelievable.

Once again the bouncer said, "Sorry, pal, no pets allowed." 

The man with the chihuahua said, "You don't understand. This is my seeing-eye dog." 
The bouncer said, " What?? A chihuahua is your seeing-eye dog?  You're joking right?" 
The man with the Chihuahua replied,  "A chihuahua??  A chihuahua?? They gave me damn chihuahua????"   I've been had  -  they told me it was a golden retriever!


~ Anni ~

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