By MarilynParker

Past their best

I don't usually cut flowers as they last so much longer in the garden but the wind battered them down to horizontal and bent or half snapped their stems so I cut them to save them for a few days.
Today has  been another washout of a day so I've done very little again.
It brightened up a little later this afternoon so I ventured out into the garden but I soon came back in having lost interest at seeing all the weeds that have popped up and all the blossom and leaves blown off. I did notice some narcissi lying horizontal in the front garden but I didn't cut them as I would have had to get behind the cherry tree and that would have wet me through!
Lazy, boring day, especially as it's been council and mayoral election results all day long.
I must get out for a walk tomorrow even if it's as dismal as today was!

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