Had a disturbed nights sleep.  Cat problems.  Since Lily was at the vets a few weeks ago she has started sleeping on my bed at night. Snuggled right next to me.  Previously she never did.  Tino sometimes slept on my bed but not every night.  Recently they have been some skirmishes between them. Jealousy I guess.  Lily is usually already on the bed when I settle.  Tino sometimes comes up through the night.  Tino then wants to sleep in exactly the same spot where Lily is already settled and fast asleep.  So he starts annoying her to make her move.  Then a fight starts.  This doesn't happen every night - thankfully.  Just now and again.  Neil says I should close the door and shut them both out. However I know they would just howl and howl outside the door till I let them in. So I put up with it and hope it doesn't happen too often.  Last night was particularly bad as I was woken up 3 times.

But there was one plus point.  I was awake around 5am so I had a wander round the house opening the curtains at the front and I saw a lovely sunrise  Early blip shot in the bag.

Musical link MORNING HAS BROKEN - by Cat Stevens.

It was rainy for most of the day so I waited to see if it would improve - and it did.  Around 4pm the rain stopped so I headed for the village.  I made the wrong decision to go the back way.  The path outside my back gate is flat but when I pass my neighbours back garden I have to walk along a grassy area which slopes down from right to left.  The grass was slippy and I tumbled over.  I fell to the left, backwards and luckily I had a soft landing on grass but went into the holly hedge and in among some nettles. I had difficulty getting up and I had to turn over a bit to get my arms down to push me up.  This meant my face went into the nettles.  Not pleasant.  Finally got up --- and I was perfectly fine.   Just felt a bit silly.   I came home the front way - much safer.  I have added an Extra showing the big puddles at the end of the back path and the lovely cherry blossom near the cricket club.

Steps today - 6,147

CORONA CLASSIC - Haydn Op. 76 No. 4 "Sunrise" - Callisto Quartet

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