By Ingleman


A bit of a mish mash today, lazy start, surprise visit from Ell, our daughter. She has some good news in that she has had a successful interview and been offered a promotion. We are thrilled for her, proud to know she is so well thought of that she was chosen against a shortlist of five. More responsibility, which she is well capable of coping with, and more salary, which will help with her efforts to buy her own place. All good.
Rain this afternoon, so my walk with Hollie dog was brief and in semi darkness this evening. She enjoyed sniffing around a badger sett which has grown in size and I took a few pictures of the dying embers of a spectacular sunset. This image was taken with the night time setting on the phone/camera and I like how it has revealed detail in the sky that I couldn't see with my own eyes. The data suggests a 4 second exposure. Not bad for hand held

Nothing else to report. No one in my house has been strangled, stabbed or clubbed to death with a rubber mallet. So, all's well that ends well.

Hope you all have a good week. Stay safe and keep blipping! 

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