By Viewpoint

For the NHS Rehab team who supported me

My Sunday morning began with Session 5 of the Celia Henderson Photoshop Flower course.  this left me with a bit of time to carry on with mounting the prints that the Rehap team members had chosen.  ( I did it as a way of saying thank you for the amazing support they gave me.  They had admired my prints on the kitchen doors.)  I think I managed to mount three prints before my back said I’d had enough.

We had a meeting of our Yorkshire Creative Group in the afternoon, so it was good to catch up and to see some of the thing people had bee doing and to see where Janet was staying on Mull.  (I should have been going on Saturday but as it was a mixed household trip it had to be cancelled).

I actually managed to do three more prints in the early evening, which is quite an achievement for me, who usually collapses in front of the tv on an evening.

Several video chats too in the late afternoon, evening.

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