By Viewpoint

Andy Greengrocer in Penistone Market Hall

My usual early morning visit to collect our fruit and veg from Andy who had our order boxed up and ready to go.  (Note the suitable physical distancing!). I visited him last this morning as there wasn’t a queue for the supermarket when I arrived (the queue was at the very end instead). Andy has been great and the fruit and veg are top quality.  I hope people continue to patronise him when life gets back to some normality.

A bit more time in the garden.  Garden bed prepared for runner beans but they will need hardening-off once this forthcoming cold spell has passed.   I seem to have done a lot more than that and had to stop for a break and a short nap mid afternoon.  I’m going to do a round with the hosepipe next.  I don’t see much rain in the forecast and the ground is beginning to get very parched.  

The blackbirds loved going over the bed I’d dug as I’d imported lots of wrigglers in the home made compost.   Unfortunately we think one of the newly fledged chicks has met a premature end as the mother was calling for it for several hours over lunchtime.  The blackbird cycle of offspring rearing was never designed to cope with domestic cats!

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