a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Mono Monday: Begins with "T"

A pair of newly weds set out on their journey together, braving the stormy weather on their special day.

After finishing all of the glossing in the Kitchen, bar one side of the door leading to the Utility Room, I gave up decorating for the day and rewarded myself with a trip to Clevedon to see what the Severn was doing in the strong winds that we have been having.  The tide was coming in and the wind was onshore so there were a few small waves and some spray but not very much really.

I spent some time playing with long exposure seascapes using the ND filters and managed one shot that I'm reasonably pleased with - ish.  This is not something that I do a lot of, and I definitely need to give this aspect of my photography more practice.  

However as I was packing up and getting ready to drive away a young newly wed couple arrived with their "team" of photographers.  There seemed to be 2 photographers and a video camera chap, clearly the bride and groom were keen to get some good memories of their special day.  As you can see, they were a very handsome couple. 

Fortunately I had my long lens in the car and was able to grab this shot of the pair of them, from sufficiently far away to (1) not be in shot for any of their official photography team and (2) not be a distraction to them as they performed for that team.  Given those constraints I didn't ask them for permission, but instead took the view that as they were performing for cameras on a public beach they couldn't reasonably object to third parties taking photographs of them as well.

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