An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The Octogenarians...

At last, today was the day we got to see my stepdad John and Norma for the first time since August last year.  It's only the second time we've seen them in 17 months!  

They arrived for (our final) Christmas Day in May (Christmas tree twinkling away behind John :-)) and Alan was absolutely hyper at seeing them.  I have to say they were equally hyper about seeing him!  lol.  To be honest we were all a bit hyper, including Lola!  :-))

The gazebo was still up from Saturday so we headed there, only this time there was sunshine and it was very warm inside :-))  

David asked Norma what she would like to drink with lunch and before he had the chance to provide her with choices, she announced "it's a special occasion, I'll have a G&T!"   hahahahahaha....Go Norma!  I hope I'm like you if I reach the age of 84! 

We had a lovely lunch with lots of laughter and much catching up.  This pair really are a tonic.  They share such a positive outlook on life and a wicked sense of humour.  Always fun to be had in their company.

Alan had gone out for the afternoon but returned just as they were leaving so they were able to say goodbye.   Hoping for our next get together we will be able to meet indoors!

Oh and I am relieved to report that the little Christmas tree is now back in the loft!  :-)))


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