By CleanSteve

The Returning Officer announcing the winner

At the end of the third day of the complex count for three different election types, I asked the head of the media team if I could take a picture. Up till then we had been working inside the bullring, a large indoor tennis centre, surrounded by the various agents and their candidates. 

Today was the count of the vote for the election of the Police and County Commissioner for Gloucestershire. Since the count was being held at the election centre in the city of Gloucester the tally of votes from all the other election areas around the county had to phone in the scores so the vote could be announced here. The winner was Chris Nelson, a conservative, who beat the LibDem candidate into second place.

The Returning Officer is the current head of the City Council, and he had been very busy throughout the election. He even visited the polling station I worked in on Election Day. I think he and his extensive team did a very good job. I've learn't a lot being close to the epicentre.

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