By Veronica

Sang et or

Blood and gold, the symbolic Catalan colours. Yes, I have a theme going here! I just randomly spotted this and couldn't help myself. The yellow ones are Jerusalem sage; I discovered today that this is also available in a much more subtle rosy pink -- just lovely (extra).

It was the funeral of a 90-year-old neighbour this morning. As ever there was a big turnout, probably 60 people. Only the family and a select few others went into the church though. The rest of us followed village custom and stood around in the square chatting during the service. The sun had been shining earlier but there was now a gusting wind and spitting rain. By the time we'd stood around for half an hour, followed the hearse to the cemetery, and stood around there to pay our respects to the family, we felt chilled to the bone. My "salad for lunch" plan was quickly revised to "soup and cheese on toast for lunch". The sun did peek timidly out later though, hence my quick blip hunt. And now, it's pizza night! With salad of course.

Link of the day: a very interesting article in the Guardian about the last bell foundry in London (now closed and, of course, bought by a developer to turn into a boutique hotel because what else does Whitechapel need?).

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