By Ingleman

Wet Day, Wet Dog

Wow what a day!  Lazy start, not one, but two cups of tea in bed, whoo, hoo!  Mid day appointment with my surgeon consultant at hospital, reviewing my progress with stoma, hernia and other fun stuff and she is pleased with how we are doing (we? I mean me) and happy to let sleeping dogs lie till the next appointment at the end of the  year.  Which is more than I can say for Hollie dog who doesn't sleep when there is a ball to be chased and long grass to run through. This shot is significant for two reasons. One is the pose, which clearly shows the leg she had operated on. Poor thing can't bend it because of a titanium plate which was installed after she broke the carpal joint three years ago. She doesn't let it bother her, so no dogs were harmed in the making of this dogumentary. The second is the timing. We had just had the most nerve jangling clap of thunder and she stopped dead in her tracks. She doesn't like things that go bang in the day, or night! What a storm. We sheltered under a tree (I know, not advisable) but after a while it let up and we went out to play again. Then home for more tea. I think I have a drink problem. But it's just a storm in a teacup.

Have a great Wednesday, stay safe, and don't worry. It'll be all right on the night.

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