By Irish59


I do relish my quiet time, in fact I need it to maintain balance, a sense of peace and my sanity • This bluejay must be an introvert too because he perched himself high in the lilac tree early this morning. He was alone, the only bird I could see, and remained in place for quite some time. He sat quietly with his back to me and the rising sun, relishing his time alone. Or so it seemed • What was he thinking? About food? Perhaps defensive tactics to ward off the next predator? Or, offensive tactics to use against a bullying peer or an upstart juvenile challenging his territory? Most likely an expectant father waiting for the eggs to hatch? I guess it could be any or all of these things • Maybe he was simply enjoying the start of a beautiful sunny day, admiring the opening of the lilac buds, their brilliant color and scent, readying himself for the day. Just like me! • Keep joy in your heart and a hop in your step. It’s the bluejay way :)

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