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By justbe

The American Robin couple

I watched the pair of American Robins who have made a nest in our crabapple tree taking turns sitting on their nest this afternoon. The switch begins with The Robin in the upper left hand corner stepping up to the edge of the nest with soft vocalizations to another on a branch in the nearby catalpa tree. One flew out of the nest and the one in the tree settled in, top center photo. The one enjoying freedom from the nest flew off for about 15 minutes and then returned to the lawn for some worm hunting. The hunt wasn't successful, and it flew back to the catalpa tree. It made very soft chirping vocalizations, preened a bit and vocalized again. Meanwhile the robin on the nest hopped out and chirped from the Crabapple branch it rested on. In a flash, they switched again and the eggs were once more guarded and warmed. You can follow along in the collage. The differences between the two robins and their markings are so very subtle, they are there, but not really obvious. The freedom for the first bird was about 30 minutes, I wonder if they have a set rotations like this throughout each day?

For the Record,
This day came in sunny, but rather cool, the clouds have arrived and we may get a shower. I'm happy to say, the order from nuts.com just arrived so the doors and windows will be safe from squirrels knocking and reminding us that they are waiting and not patiently.

All hands happy to be vaccinated.

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