My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Not a happy bunny

It was the traditional early start to get up to Manchester for 7:30 and, because of COVID restrictions it's still only one parent allowed in so, for me, it was a case of dropping Owen and Louisa off at the door then killing a few hours wandering round the parks of Manchester. .

We thought Owen probably wouldn't be going down to theatre for dilatation #15 until close to lunchtime but thankfully he was first on the list. It was only about half an hour after Louisa took him down that his surgeon came back to report. His oesophagus had definitely tightened so they expanded it back up to 14mm but there was less reflux damage than last time and that had been less than the time before so moving in the right direction. The muscle looks a bit 'lumpy' but that's to be expected and to be honest he deals with all his problems brilliantly.

He took longer to come round from the anaesthetic than normal but once Louisa got to go and see him I got a video call. I showed him the 'Andy' magazine I'd got for him to try and cheer him up but that just made him more upset because I couldn't take it in and give it to him. A little bit more killing time while I waited for him to recover and be discharged, then it was a big hug and home for some McDonalds.

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