The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Goofy Birds

Did a goofy drawing today. I used blind contour from a photo I took years ago of jays. Then I colored it. I’m not in love with the result but it filled some moments.

I called both Helena and Lynda today to talk about their sweet dad who died four years ago today. It’s hard to imagine it’s been four years since Arvin died. Time really does fly.

I also took Shelly to an appointment with a PT who specializes in orthotics. He spent over an hour with Shelly. We were both pleased at how kind and thorough he was.

And just Donna and I zoomed together this afternoon for our Friday book club zoom. We had a good chat.

After that I was ready for a nap. Then some quiet time with Shelly and my turn to make dinner. Quite a day.

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