By rainie


I developed a cold (or hayfever) in the middle of the night.....sneezing lots, so exhausting.  Much better this afternoon, but decided an indoor day was in order.  I haven't even poked my nose out the door.
I'm into recycling - these little dried up bits have been blipped twice previously, they are in an arrangement on the dining table.  Not knowing which one to blip I've gone for a triptych.
There are a couple in extras, these I have put in for WildMooseChase & other Wanaka blippers.  Moose's Dad suggested I "Pep" the Wanaka tree.  Not successful, as obviously unable to walk around, so just walked along the shore line. Any rate, its done.   The other extra is a tree I found in Wanaka that was very worthy of some "Pep" treatment I thought.

Our Crusaders versus The Brumbies (Ozzie) are currently playing.


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